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Reviving Your Wigs

Some of you have asked us about this, Is (There Any Way to Revive a Wig That's Not Looking So Good)? This is why you've always got to have a good deep conditioner on deck. We recommend this Obliphica's Seaberry Mask or Essations' Naked Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner. Saturate the freshly shampooed wig with the conditioner, place it into a plastic bag, and steam it inside of a hot towel for at least 20 minutes," the stylist explains. After the wig is softened and moisturized, You will start detangling from the ends up to the roots. Then rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Mold the wig hair in the direction you want it to dry and place it under a hood dryer.

When do we replace our wigs?

You'll know when, when things will start to look (and feel) real raggedy. You'll see that the wig needs to be replaced or repaired when the hair feels stiff even after shampooing and conditioning, Also if the hair burns when you curl it or it doesn't hold a curl it's time to let it go. If the ends of the hair have split and they stay frizzy, it may also be time to let that wig go." And if you have a curly or kinky wig, and frizz has started to take over, it's time to part ways with it. And if there are tears or holes in the lace or cap of your wig, you guessed it, you've gotta let it go.

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