How To Put On A Wig

Unpackage Your Wig

The first thing you want to do after removing your new wig out of the package, is to put it on a mannequin head or wig stand if you have one. Because of the way wigs are packaged, sometimes they arrive with a 'cone head'. Placing the new wig on a mannequin head for a day or two can help to reshape the cap to its original roundness. Once you're ready to wear your wig, cup your hands inside the wig while shaking it to loosen its fibers. Run your fingers through a curled wig or use a wig brush for a straight wig to separate fibers. It's very important that when working with wigs to only use styling tools specially made for wigs. Once you have fluffed your wig and it looks a bit fuller, you're ready to start prepping your hair.


Prepare Your Hair for the Wig

Your natural hair length will determine the best method to use when prepping for a wig. For longer hair, you will want to do flat pin curls evenly around your head, making sure to avoid bumps that could be seen while you wear the wig. If you have short hair, brush it back and away from your face. Avoid making a ponytail in back, because this can create the dreaded 'cone head' look. It's best to make a flat bun and then put on a wig cap. For individuals with little to no hair, a wig liner or wig cap is also recommended. A wig cap can help to keep your wig in place and can also act as a barrier for those with sensitive scalps. You can also use a wig cap if you have longer hair as well. Wearing a wig cap can protect your hair from breakage or additional shedding. Now that your hair is prepared, you're ready to begin putting the wig on.

Step by Step: How to Put on A Wig

Now you are ready to put your wig on. Follow the below steps to learn how to put on a wig:

  1. Look on the inside of your wig and find the ear tabs located on each side of the unit. Use your thumb and index finger to hold each ear tab.
  2. While tilting your head forward, put the wig on starting from your forehead and pull toward the back of your head down to your nape.
  3. Position the wig on your forehead above your eyebrows and shift it to the back until it's positioned to your liking. This is often right below your natural hairline.
  4. To center your wig, position the ear tabs evenly on both sides of your ears while making sure to avoid covering your ears.
  5. If the fit feels a little too loose or snug, most wigs have adjustable straps by the nape that allow you to customize the fit to your head. Some wigs may have built-in combs that allow you to secure the wig. If your wig doesn’t have the built in combs, attaching some wig clips for a more secure hold works great too.
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